Spark Duration – How Long is Enough?

Does spark knock duration really matter? Of course it does, and Bill Fulton tells you what to look for in this Tech Tip from the AVI course LBT-54 Ignition System Testing w/Coil-on-Plug & Misfire Detection with Bill Fulton.


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[dn_related_product title=”Ignition System Testing w/Coil-on-Plug & Misfire Detection with Bill Fulton” description=”In this course Bill tackles primary and secondary ignition patterns and other topics that apply to all makes and modes of vehicles. He covers DSOs, DVOMs, high and low-impedance tests, and lights and logic probes. He provides information on OBD II misfire monitors and relearn procedures for domestic systems.” link=”/shop/service-centers/lbt-54-ignition-system-testing-wcoil-on-plug-misfire-detection-with-bill-fulton/” image=”/wp-content/uploads/lms/94ad8ca5c4d2c9d5463304978c27caac8cdf26a9_LBT_54_ADVANCED_IGNITION_SYSTEM_TESTING.jpg”]

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