A/C Mildew Odors: Afterblow Solutions

A common customer complaint is “My A/C smells.” Instructor Dave Hobbs provides you with detailed information on the best way to  eliminate mildew type odors using the Afterblow Module. Watch this important Tech Tip from the AVI course LBT-271: Deceptive Diagnostics.


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[dn_related_product title=”Deceptive Diagnostics ” description=”These totally mind boggling diagnostic puzzles come into the shop every day. The problem with most of these is they cannot be remedied by using traditional diagnostic methods. In this sobering review of diagnostics that lead to more diagnostics, Dave Hobbs teaches you how to think outside the box by covering 4 specific Case Studies. How to use outside sources and experiences from other technicians to pinpoint the source of a problem you never saw coming.” link=”/shop/service-centers/lbt-271-deceptive-diagnostics-with-dave-hobbs/” image=”/wp-content/uploads/lms/de4eb2e6cc4849764de4aa11aad5bbac628c8ea1_LBT-271-Web-Image.jpg”]

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