RT-12 Technician Roundtable – 6R80 No Move After Solenoid Replacement


This Technician Roundtable  comes from Santa Rosa California, center #23565 owned by Marjan Barabian. Marjan’s lead Master Diagnostician, Gabriel Spencer, is featured in this Roundtable discussing a no move situation after a solenoid replacement on a 2013 Ford F150 with a 6R80 transmission. This Ford came in with shifting problems and transmissions diagnostic trouble codes of P0770, P0773, and P0774. Even though Gabriel did a masterful job in diagnosing and repairing the root cause of the shifting and code problem, take a look at what huge headache a simple oversight created for Gabriel and the center and could be an easily overlooked by all if not vigilant when doing services. @[Marjan Barabian] 



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