Body Control Module Grounds

October 4, 2019

The BCM may be damaged when the module is supplied with battery power and the ground path is removed. Updated: March, 2016

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Timing Chain Interference Engines

The following is a list of popular Domestic and Asian engines and whether they are interference type engines.

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ZF6 Transmission Servicing Land Rover

See how to save time servicing these vehicles! Updated: December, 2015

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ZF6HP26 Bind up on the 3-4 Shift

Be careful replacing the checkballs in this transmission…check out the article to see why! Updated: December, 2015

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Clutch Volume Index Clutch Index

An important function of the TCM is to monitor Clutch Volume Indexed (CVI). CVIs represent the volume of fluid needed to compress a clutch pack. Updated: June, 2015

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Do Not Swap Modules in Vehicles with Global Electrical Systems

Do not swap modules in these vehicles read the article to see why!

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