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In the day to day shuffle as the leading technicians of our industry, we all encounter bizarre technical failures and cool ways to get them diagnosed properly, fixed, and out the door. If you have recently experienced something like this and want to share it, we would be glad to post it!  Below you find some practical tips on how to document this with video and submit it to us.

Using a video camera or smart phone, record a brief video in horizontal format (1-2 minutes max),  try to include the following segments in this order:

  • Introduce yourself along with your Aamco Center number – Ex: John Smith, B Tech, Center 1234
  • Introduce the topic being presented, Ex:  – 2010 GMC Acadia with P0741. No TCC apply
  • Mention diagnostics performed, Ex:  – Scanned all modules for codes, Recorded and Reviewed Scan data, Performed Guided Component Tests, Be specific!
  • Mention diagnostic resources used Ex:   – ALLDATA, Identifix, Tech Hotline, etc.
  • Let us see what you want to share, Ex: – Shoot video where component test was performed, what did you find the root cause, show us your neat tip on how you chose to address it

Additional recording tips:

  • Using the outline above, it helps to write out what you are doing before videoing
  • Eliminate background noise like compressors, blaring music, air tools in use etc,
  • Have another employee record you will perhaps leave you free to focus, and add stability
  • Remember, most of us are not video experts, we are family, so we want to hear form you and are not looking for perfection. If you say something you don’t like, just keep going and we can edit it out, no worries.

Once you have your video ready, contact us at   we will call you back with further instructions

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