Tech Tips

Electrical Fluid Flow

March 3, 2017

In this tech tip Dave Hobbs specifies how Ben Franklin used the flow of water to describe the current flow of electricity.  

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Smooth Cruise

Dave Hobbs uses a Pico Scope to verify a repair to the cruise control wiring harness at the SCP Bus making sure we see PIDS and Data before a road test.  

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Tech Tip: Close Loop Boost Control

March 4, 2016

Ron covers the Wastegate Control Valve, Compressor Bypass Valve, and Wastegate Control Solenoid. Did you know your computer can look at engine temperature and go to the desired boost pressure? It can also increase the pressure and power or torque that the engine wants. Learn about the amazing technological advances across the automotive industry!   […]

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Tech Tip: There is no Alternator in a Hybrid

January 15, 2015

The DC to DC converter does the job of the alternator. It produces the 15 to 13.5 volts needed in order to maintain the 12 volt battery as well as keep up with the demand of the 12 volt electronic accessories. Also, don’t be confused by a 3-phase motor generator that can closely resemble an […]

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