AAMCO Technical Roundtable Discussions

RT-4 AAMCO Roundtable Discussion Nissan CVT Woes

August 3, 2020

Follow along as Bruce Chidsey and Scott MacWilliams, speak with  A Tech – George Parsons of St. Augustine, FL on a recent experience in resolving an issue with a Nissan CVT repair! WATCH NOW!

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RT-3 PT Cruiser in Limp Mode

July 27, 2020

Bruce Chidsey and Dave Skora interview with Master Rebuilder Victor Mancilla of AAMCO Riverside CA on his path to resolution on a Chrysler PT Cruiser in Limp Mode. No communications issues led to checking NGEC module, which had oil-soaked connector, the root cause might just surprise you! WATCH NOW!

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RT-2 ZF 6spd MT S650HD, Repeat Jumping out of 2nd

July 17, 2020

Bruce Chidsey and Reese Blalock interview with Master Rebuilder Jimmy Stephenson of Aamco Center in Lake Park , FL on this repeat issue of a 2nd gear jump out. After a solid rebuild replacing all of the main items along with damaged parts that could cause the original concern of jumping out of 2nd and […]

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RT-1 BMW X5, Mechatronics Nightmare

July 6, 2020

In this roundtable discussion with Orange, CT Technician Alain Fon, Bruce Chidsey and Reese Blalock discuss what can happen when swapping transmissions or modules on BMWs or similar vehicles where complex security measures and Vin-matched computer measures are involved. Watch now!

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